Box Map plug in values

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone can push me in the right direction. First off I’m not super savvy with sketch up and am currently using the free platform, apologies if there’s an obvious solution.

I have made some box maps on sketch up as it allowed me to make adjustments and see it fold together in three dimensions - the final result worked well when I took it to the material irl. I had to make manual adjustments everywhere in sketch up in order to change the final dimensions of 3 different size boxes.

In future id like to be able to plug in values H,W,D and for it to automatically adjust both halves of the box map - perhaps sketch up isn’t the program for this. At minimum id like to be able to synchronise W1 with W2, D1 with D2 and H1 with H2 on those basic rectangles.

The flaps Id like to keep the same but could also just add/adjust them in later. The over all length (L) of the box has other values beyond 2H + W or D, including additional tolerances for a mitre cuts and notches.

In essence im wanting to make two rectangles correspond to one another when I adjust values. Ive had a play around with making the rectangles components but I can’t seem to get it to work…

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

crate2.pdf (305.0 KB)

You could work out a Dynamic Component that would do what you need and then use an extension to unfold it to make patterns but this would require the desktop version. So SketchUp Pro or Studio.

sweet thanks ill check out dynamic component. I can obviously rotate and change size manually with normal component but it unsticks say the base from the rest of the geometry