Bottle cap test, always completely filled when 3D Printed

Hi guys,

I’m quite new to the whole layout and 3d printing thing and I could need your help with the following issue.

Just try to print my test cap on makerbot, the model looks normal but the printer fills it always completely. The skrew part is done via the Jean (Johnny) Lemire skew plugin.

Any hint?

Model in Sketchup:

Model as stl:

I don’t see why this is a Layout question? You export a STL from SketchUp, not Layout…

Possibly not the expected answer, but I would highly recommend to remodel your geometry, you won’t have fun to repair it until it gets solid (needed for 3D printing).

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Hello Cotty,

I did this already but got the same result while other prints work well so it has something to do with the skrew plugin or how it’s generated.

Maybe it wasn’t ment to be used for creating solids…
For creating 3D printable parts you should use an alternative way without this plugin.