Bodies relationship


Is it possible to create body relationship to another body.
For example if I’ll move roof up - walls will be extended automaticaly?


IF, but it’s a bad idea for other reasons, the roof and walls are in the same context and within that context are simple geometry (faces and edges) and are connected, then raising the roof will raise the walls.

And also IF the walls are all vertical, and you move the roof vertically, you probably wouldn’t introduce too many distortions.

But it isn’t something I would do. MUCH better to make them separate components, move the roof up, then edit the wall components to match by moving their top surface or edges up.

There are plugins that can simplify this process like Fredo Scale, but unless you have many many wall components, it isn’t difficult to do manually, and quite quick.

Thank you John fo your opinion.
Roof and walls was just an example. I would do other things.
But the thing is that in my job there are many revisions and objects (in example it was walls) has many relationships. So if I’m changing one thing - something like 25 other things have to be changed.

I’m doing similar things with solidworks, but recently I just found out that Sketchup is much faster.
Only thing is - I can’t any relationship function (in solidworks it calls “Mate”).

So - I still hope that there are similar function

You might find that the FredoScale plugin will do what you want. It’s a while since I used it, but i think there’s an option to ‘stretch’ (in AutoCad terms) component elements inside a selection window, which might do what you want for wall components if you select round the tops of the walls only (or other equivalent structures) excluding the windows, for example, then only they will ‘scale’ or move.

But in native SU you can’t make the kind of link you are talking about.

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