Blurry textures in viewer

I’ve noticed that when I upload models that use a high res texture, it looks kinda blurry when viewing it in the 3D Viewer in the 3D Warehouse when you look up close. I recently did UV mapping on some of my models. Is this normal due to bandwidth? If so, do I need to scale down the texture res in order for the model to look less blurry?

Hi, can you provide the model? We can take a look at it and try to figure out what is going on.
Thank you.

It’s not just my model, it’s pretty much ANY model uploaded to the 3D Warehouse that has high res textures over 1024x1024.

Luckily, when downloaded and viewed in Sketchup, the textures are normal.

Still would be nice if you share link to ANY or ONE example model, to make SU team more easy to find out what the problem is… :wink: :peace_symbol:

Note that 1024 x 1024 is still the largest texture size supported by default in SketchUp, and everything larger is reduced (rather crudely) to fit. The limit can be overridden in desktop SketchUp by ticking the “Use maximum texture size” option in the OpenGL settings that uses your graphics card capabilities to double or quadruple that, but it is unknown how the web technologies used by 3D Warehouse or the online versions of SketchUp relate to this.

Further to @Anssi’s point about texture sizes, using images that are larger than SketchUp supports for textures doesn’t add any benefit. It just bloats the model file size.

Furthermore, you get better quality textures by pre-shrinking them in an image editor.

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