Blurry lines in Sketchup Free

Hi guys

When I create 2D drawings ind SketchUp free, the picture is blurry in the lines and when I download to PNG files it´s not getting better, se uploaded picture.

I have a work computer where it works much better, both on the screen and in the PNG files. However I can´t use that computer in the future, so I need to solve it on my own.

The graphiccard on my PC is Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620, memory 8239 MB and the one on my work PC is Intel(R) UHD Graphics, memory 8206 MB

I have tried to compare the filesize on the PNG from my own PC with the one from my work PC - and it´s pretty much the same.

When I download the pictures I use them in Canva afterwards. When I open Canva on my own PC, the picture is just as sharp in the lines as in my work PC.

I´m far from a computer expert and I don´t understand the IT lingo, so I hope for some help in here, in a very understandable language, fingers crossed.

I can buy a new PC, preffered not to, as this is new to me, but I still need to know what to look for, so it´ll work on that one.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Melydesign, thanks for the post. Just checking, are you on a laptop or a desktop when you see the fuzzy lines? Some laptop displays can lack the clarity of a desktop monitor so it could just be a simple issue of plugging into an external monitor to get your issue sorted out. If not, we may need to look into some other things. Let me know in a reply and I’ll see what I can do to fins a solution for you.

As for building a new PC, it is against company policy for me to recommend any particular hardware or manufacturer for what computer you should get but what I can offer you is some general advice on what to look for. If you would like, send me a private message and I’ll happily talk with you about the system requirements of SketchUp and what to look for if you want to build a new PC. There are a few small pitfalls to watch for if it is your first time building a custom PC.

I have already tried to plug in an external screen without any luck, i forgot to mention this. I’m working on a laptop.

I think it is to ambitious and expensive for me to build a new pc, i just want to buy one. It’s okay it is against policy to recommend a specific brand or model. I just hoped for some specifics to look after. Size in MB, resolution and such.

Ah, I completely understand what you mean about ambition and expense. Top of the line configurations definitely are expensive and time consuming to put together.

If you are just looking for an “off the shelf” configuration, my recommendation would be to almost approach it like a gaming PC rather than a workstation as the markup for workstation hardware can be a big one and for most projects, a decent gaming PC is more then enough. Of course anything you get will need to meet the minimum requirements for SketchUp but I recommend going for at least the recommended requirements.

The minimum requirements can be found here:

If you do decide to get a PC either built for you or an off the shelf configuration from a service, I can’t recommend any particular service or vendor as that would violate company policy, but I can say is that my personal gaming computer is still able to meet the requirements for SketchUp and do decent enough renderings quick enough for my needs.

Reflecting back on my PC configuration, I would do things differently in a few areas, but I am happy to share my thoughts below so read on and hopefully you can get some wisdom via my mistakes and save some time and money.

First up, don’t overdo it on a power supply. It is tempting to get a big one so you can potentially use multipe GPUs but in terms of getting the most out of your money, a single nice GPU is better than 2 mediocre ones and uses less power too. This means that you don’t need a monster 1500 watt power supply.

Second, if you are doing 3D design, CPU speed is more important than core count. You do not need an industrial strength CPU with 64 cores and a liquid cooling system. A nice 8 core or 16 core cpu with a 3+GHz speed is good enough and a decent heat sink and fan or AIO cooler is just right and will last a decent lenght of time too.

Third, 16 GB RAM is probably enough but I personally went with 32 GB so I have more than I need and won’t have to install more later. It ended up saving me later on when I had a program I was working on ask for 24 GB of RAM as it was loading a large file. Still didn’t end up needing the full 32, but if I had only had 16 I would have been out of luck.

Fourth, get 2 hard drives. If you are building on a budget, I suggest an old school spinning disk drive to store large files. It is cheap enough to get a few TB of storage no problem) and a M.2 or SSD for your operating system. This configuration keeps costs low and gives you plenty of storage on a standard drive while allowing for faster updates and booting speed via the SSD or M.2 drive. If money is not a concern, a M.2 drive and SSD combo is a technically faster at saving data but again, less budget friendly.

Finally, GPUs can be the trickiest part to figure out. I am still rocking a 1080TI and am quite happy with it but I hear good things about the 2080 series for rendering but I can’t comment on it personally as I have yet to try it myself. Real time rendering apps like Lumion or Twinmotion require a pretty strong GPU too so if your workflow includes one of them or a program similar to them, don’t go with a budget option.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough here. Hopefully you can find a vendor in your area that can help you out if you go with an off the shelf model. I am lucky I live an hour away from a Micro Center so I can usually just hop in my car and get what I need when i need a new part for my PC. Although I hear they have good shipping these days so it might not be as big of an issue as it used to be.

I’m using a RTX2070, and I have no issues with SketchUp or rendering.

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Ah, glad to see someone has some experience with the 20XX series of GPU and can confirm the good things I have heard about it. If you have any particular recommendations on computer hardware, I would love to hear them @RLGL and I am sure that @Melydesign would love to hear them too. From the sound of your profile, you have a pretty nice setup!

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