Blurry image

Any idea why this part of the image is blurry? Can’t seem to get it to go back to normal. Tried erasing and redrawing it, but same thing happens.

Hard to tell without inspecting your model, so I could be wrong, butt it seems your model is z-fighting?:

Seems to be similar to that issue, but i do not have two pieces overlapping each other. I do not want to push/pull part of it and mess up my dimensions. If I erase the blurry image and try to redraw it, the same blurriness returns.

Can you share your skp file? Then we can see whether we have the same blurring and offer a solution.

You certainly do. That’s the only thing that would cause that to happen. Check again. It might be a simple deletion of a single plane.

Does the back of the shelf have thickness, or is it just a plane against the back wall?

Z-fighting doesn’t require the two faces to be exactly overlapping. Depending on model size and distance from the origin, it may appear when things are near each other, too. Post your model to get more accurate predictions.