Blue glass even though I chose gray

51H_SOUTH_Simplified19.skp (5.9 MB)

You have some differen (blue) back face colors applied, if you change them to the gray one too, everything should be OK…

You shall paint the individual faces of your dome in translucent grey. Actually, they seem to be painted translucent blue. The colours applied to individual faces inside the context of a group have priority on a colour applied to the whole group outside of its context.

How do I make only the dome faces a group?

is your first problem solved?

no, i’m not sure why the bucket tool isn’t working when i try to paint the faces. would anyone be able to send a gif of changing the colours?

Double click the dome group to enter its context.

Then choose the Paint Bucket tool.

Then go into colours in model, you shall see your glass grey (I saw it).

Then paint each face of each surface of the dome. Inner skin times 2 faces + outer skin times 2 faces or four faces total. It should work, I tried it and it worked.

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