Blow up issues on all sketchup version

Guys…might be…this is command issue, but how to solve it?
im using normal PC, not the spec for designer using, but that its the matters?
the sketch can’t zoom into, its will disappear and i have to look and search it again…

I’m using 6GB of Ram…

Your description of the issue is a bit vague but perhaps you are experiencing a graphics clipping issue? As a model gets larger in absolute dimensions, it gets harder to zoom in closer to the model before front-plane clipping begins chopping off the model region that is very close to the virtual camera. An easy way to trigger this is when the model has been positioned far from the world coordinate system origin. That causes the model to be “big” in mathematical terms, even if the actual geometry is small.

Also, SketchUp’s zoom tries to be sensitive to what is under the cursor as you zoom. If you zoom with the cursor over empty space rather than something in the model, it can rapidly zoom a very large amount.

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