I am looking for more info and all I see is The New Subscription Update for 2019 SketchUp. I just want to knew if there is any information directing toward existing Pro License. I am looking any information that answers:: What if you payed your Service Maintance contract in Novemeber. And were waiting for a new License Key.

I am not subscribing to anything, so does this mean after 2018 you are stuck with what you have?? All they are pushing is a new way to BUY it and they tweeked the Tape measure tool??

If you paid $120.00 to keep your S&M agreement will you recieve a new license key??? If Anyone can explain it would be nice. Or direct to a link that explains this .

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As far as I see the “original” calssic licence is still there.


If you have an active maintenance, you will receive a New serial and Authorisation key.

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Hi William

Yes! For customers with an active Maintenance & Support plan, upgrade emails with your 2019 license key should be going out tomorrow. They go out in blocks though so it could take up to a day or two to receive yours. This will be a perpetual license just like your 2018 one was.

If you need your license asap you can look it up on the license wizard with your 2018 license details -

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~ Bryce

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Before entering new serials and authorisation keys, I would start the trial-period, that’s what it’s made for, after all.
When you enter the serial number and authorisation code, that version becomes you’re active license, meaning, you can not activate the old versions on a new system, anymore. If you then decide not to use the new version (whatever reason possible, but mainly, extension compatibility) You will be stuck with the old machine…

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Thanks for the info, will use it as a trial…Peace…