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And you did look at the video with the comparison of sketchup and blender?
Guess not, because you show a different software.
My intention of presenting my two videos is to light on, thats not so difficult to make a rounded cube as the comparsion video show.

I recently went from Sketchup to blender, I must admit that blender is so different from Sketchup that it is very difficult for me to progress on it, the advantage of Sketchup is the simplicity and
it is a pity that blender does not exploit some Sketchup mechanics.

However, I did a first animation on blender, a spaceship coming out of a space portal, I share it here:


It is in progress, notably on alpha version 2.9… and I am considering to start to develop on it.


And the #21 reason to learn Blender is the forced Trimble subscription plan

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Is it?

Done with 100% released space from the software with the world worst usabiltity…


Oh great, it comes in version 2.9… after how many years???
Resaon #22 from me is stay at sketchup because blender changes the usablity from version to version - and its still a un-usabillity in my opinion. I try version 2.4 in the past with right click to,select items - what a mess…
Then, most of the tutorials showing 2.7 and then a major change in the Ui comes with 2.8 and the tutorials are unpractical for 2.8.

100% Fusion 360 - no brain required - and the big advantage - the timeline! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree to you but I don’t really care about, because it is possible to develop what I need with Python script. There is third party development to make the UI closer to SketchUp.

The reverse to that argument is also valid.

Great contribution to the community. I used to be a premium paid member there and know it to be a super resource over the years.

FYI, when SketchUp moved their forums to Google Groups and the two or so years thereafter, that was when I actively participated in SketchUcation; I didn’t set up all of the membership stuff. Just adding that here because I deserve no credit for everything Mike and co set up. I just came up with the name SketchUcation (a concoction of SketchUp + Education), I created the first versions of the website, and was the admin for the first two years of the forum.

I haven’t even wanted a tangent to arc tool-- as Blender’s bevel tool is awesome and works on vertices, edges, faces and objects-- and can be controlled numerically as well.

True, but it can’t make an arc that is non-uniform, meaning something that - when cut in half - would be different on each side. When you bevel something in Blender both sides are always the same; that’s not a viable solution for me in certain meshes.

I might point out that Blender’s implementation of “Follow Me” like functionality is non-destructive, unlike SketchUp. So you can continually change the profile and the curve at anytime in the project.

Also true, but in order to perform booleans on the resulting extrusion you need to convert it to a mesh and thereby losing its non-destructive nature.

I’ve seen BoxCutter do these non-destructive booleans but I have yet to see it being used with something other than boxes and shapes made out of boxes.

That said, when I first saw this before my own eyes - changing a profile’s shape and the extruded shape being updated live - my jaw dropped!

I also try and track where customers come from, and you may be correct, I may have had more traffic than I thought, but it’s just not trackable or on my radar at this time.

Alright, fair enough.

I’ll end with a link to another video-- this one is made by our very own SketchUp master and it’s apparent to me he’s also interested in learning Blender as well.

Yeah I’ve seen his videos, he’s a great tutor. I have this joke I sometimes do on my friends where I sneak up on them while silently reciting “Wwwwwhat’s up guys, Justin here with” and then out loud say “TEEEEEE sketchupessentials dot com!”. I sometimes also do it when I’m alone, when washing the dishes for example I’ll say it out loud. He certainly learned the importance of a good video intro!

On a different note, this forum keeps sending me the following message every few seconds:

Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.

forcing me to type this in an external text editor. At first it was every minute or so but then it started happening every ten or so seconds and then every three seconds. I Googled the error and stumbled on a page where someone said you’re then logged in in another browser but I closed my mobile web browser where I had loaded this page and upon refreshing it it says I’m not logged in, so this is definitely a forum bug.

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Then you’re in for a real treat. Check out this video I created showing how Blender uses modifiers to create a non-destructive workflow for hard surface modeling.

It truly changes the way you think about modeling.


About Vray rendering engine, the cost inside Blender is half the price on SketchUp. I mean perpetual license.

It is because you get the half. V-Ray for Blender is basically just the Node. No GUI like in SketchUp.

LOL - glad my intro has made an impact :rofl:

I’d love to say the intro is because of some big master plan on my part, but it’s more just that it’s a lot easier to not come up with a new intro every time I make a video :sunglasses:

I did want to note since my videos have made it into this thread a couple times that I started a Blender channel for exactly the reasons John listed up above -

No creative person should be satisfied knowing or using only a single tool, particularly not if their happiness or livelihood is bound to that tool. Rather, I think you should learn as many different tools as you can, then figure out how to stitch them all together into a unique process that meets your unique needs.

I’m finding the things I’m learning with Blender are helping me with my modeling in SketchUp, and the skills I’ve learned with SketchUp are making learning Blender a lot easier. Definitely not picking one or the other, but rather trying to continue growing my skillset overall as a 3D modeler :slight_smile:


Yes I see, but maybe an interesting compromise, because node is interesting

If we let him growing on like it, he will buy Trimble

If anyone is interested, you can learn more about my YT history (or anyone elses) at and I’m not even close to Justin (way to go Justin!)

And sadly, I only wish I was making 5K a year:

While I would certainly welcome SketchUp users as customers-- as I’ve said, I don’t see any empirical data. It probably has to do with the fact I tend to focus my products on designers and not architects. There just aren’t that many concept and industrial designers using SketchUp.

FWIW, I did try targeting SU folks, but as anyone can see from my product development and YT history, I haven’t focused my later courses at all towards SketchUp users.

So, I’m now working on a neat new workflow where you can use images to photomap and create objects. It’s pretty cool. All the products in this video are created this way (I have a vid on YT describing how it’s done). I think I may have spent a couple hours at most on most of the models. The laptops are 2000 faces and the Lenova stuff is about 800 faces.

And the beginning is a pretty cool cable rig where you can just drag/drop it and then let it fall to the ground to “freeze” it. It’s all part of some new stuff I’m working on…


For anyone who may be interested, here are a couple of the images I used to create some of those products.

It’s a terribly fun workflow-- and you can work from orthographic images or perspective ones. Here’s the (free) video showing a bit more about how it’s done.

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For the past few days, I’ve been groping Blender with no prior knowledge.

I open the app once a day about 15 to 30 minutes or every other day. I gradually discover some functions and I begin to have a good overview of Blender.

Today I open SketchUp files in Blender with .dae format. I’ve seen parasitic lines. In fact it was the SketchUp cameras that I was able to disable (no bad geometry as I thought).

I installed an optional script “Add camera to view” to create cameras more easily… And I’m testing parameters from the real-time rendering Eevee which alone justifies that we are interested in Blender.

There are many things I don’t master, but after a few days, Blender’s interface doesn’t look as complicated anymore. So getting started is not difficult as long as you are patient.
It is very fast to understand the interface. It take more time to understand all the parameters because Blender has a lot of features.

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Looking good!

One thing I would recommend when importing from SketchUp (or other programs) is to press the Clear Custom Split Normals button because many times the mesh comes in with “differently” calculated normals which can create artifacts and issues later on when editing and rendering the model.

It’s located in the Geometry Data in Object Data Properties Panel,

Let me know if you need help finding it.