Blatant Show Off Post! (Or Sketchup Marketing!)


Awesome job, @Robajohn! I can’t wait to see the finished plane!!


Looks like you did not remove the liner on the Monocoat and that is why it did not stick…been there…Armand.


We finally got some good flying weather! It has been ready to fly for while but we have had gale force winds nearly every weekend all year!

Quick pics first… I loved how the nose came out. I really struggled with the windshield and I still am not happy with it but at some point I have to let it go. I am not good at that.

My covering job is just terrible! I blame the engineer! He needed to some meaty spots to overlap the covering and get good adhesion PLUS he needed more stringers to hold the shape. Once I started shrinking the covering it scalloped in and badly in many areas and cause many wrinkles!

Here is my buddy holding it to give you some scale.

here is a quickie vid showing functionality …

And here is the first flight! It was not pretty as the elevator (pitch) was set too sensitive and there is an uh oh moment on take off but she FLEW and lived to fly another day as well!

This is a big airplane! It would have taken two large garbage bags to clean this mess up! :wink:


Wowww it’s always nice to see from draw to built, good job