Blank value input

I’ve got a few inputs that require the user to input a value. Some of these values aren’t always demanded, but logic strings may require them, so I’ve just suggest ensuring a value of “0” is input.

However, is there a way to assume a value or override an input that isn’t entered or left blank?

Like if X has no value assume 0 or leave this out of the logic string?

Set up the DC with defaults in place? You don’t need to override an unentered or blank value because the default is already there… Am I missing something?

Hey Ryan, I keep getting calls: “why isn’t this component resolving?”. The issue is they’re not reading the component description: RETURN ALL VALUES TO ZERO OR DEFAULT IF NOT SET OTHERWISE. We have a lot of values that require input! I’m just trying to make it more fool proof!

Hey. :wave: Perhaps make them choose from a drop down list in Options Panel? Could you share an example component?

Ryan, sorry, I can’t share the component, but shared an image and deleted all manual inputs from the dialogue so you can see where I’m trying to facilitate this (if any available) feature of at least assigning 0 if no value is present!

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It is unfortunate that DC formula do not support any kind of error handling, I don’t think you can get around this without it, other than making it all drop downs to prevent nil values. You could go the Ruby route and make a reset button of some sort, but then all your users would also need it…

@pcmoor is the expert though maybe he is aware of something that could help.

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Yeah, Philip has been my saviour on all things DC! I’ll have to send him another order of wine if he can help with this one! :slight_smile:

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