Blacked out headers with Sketchup Make

I’m new to the forum. I have been using SketchUp Make at a community college the past two months. I am using a brand new computer. I’ve had no problems until this week. All my headers are “Blacked Out”. I have reinstalled it twice. I have Malwarebytes loaded on my computer. I have no other issues with any files or apps on my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Try this: Open SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and turn off Hardware Acceleration. Click OK. Quite and restart SketchUp. Any change?

Thank you DaveR.
Give me a few minutes and I will try that. Much appreciated.

Tried your option. No change.

Can you share a screen shot showing it?

Please excuse my ignorance. Not sure how to do that.

Do you know how to make a screen shot with the Snipping Tool? After you’ve done that and saved it, click on the seventh button from the left in the row of buttons above the window where you type your message. Then it should be self-explanatory for finding the file and uploading it.

Not sure if I did this right.

Yep. You did it right.

OK. Now why is this happening? I’ve seen this in the past with other programs but I can’t remember the fix. I’ll do some hunting but I expect @DanRathbun might be along and he’s a wizard and guru in the same package. (Makes for an unusual hat) Does this happen in any other programs for you?

No. Seems to be with SketchUp only. Very odd. It is happening to my friend at school also. He has the same new computer exactly and it was purchased a few days before me. His started happening a couple of days before me. We tried to fix it in class yesterday with no luck. Then, this morning, mine started doing it too. Thanks for your help.

Hmmm… That is odd. 64-bit or 32-bit SketchUp.

I found a thing about the same issue in an old version of IE. The solution was given here. I wonder if it’s similar.

Is it possible your computers installed some updates in the last day and there was a graphics update? Your graphics card is know for lack of good OpenGL support. Many users with the Intel HD cards have found that 32-bit applications work better than their 64-bit versions

64 bit.

My only advice is update to the latest Intel graphics driver.

Thanks so much Dan. I will try that. I truly appreciate your help and getting back to me . The computer is only 2 weeks old and I thought it had the latest graphics driver . But I will check it . Thanks again .

New computers are always behind. It takes awhile for them to be shipped across the ocean on those slow container ships. Then they sit in warehouses for a time, etc.

Always update your drivers on a new computer, and try to first get them from the computer companies website.