Black Workspace Screen! Help

I have finally got sketchup loaded on my new Thinkpad Yoga X1 with hi res OLED screen, but although SU loads perfectly the workspace screen is black. Files load and scene tabs are visible but not the content. Can anyone help resolve this

You might check to see that the Nvidia Quadro card is actually being used to display SketchUp and that the drivers are up to date.

if nothing helps do a fallback to SketchUp v2016 as 32-bit version which is less demanding concerning the OpenGL capabilities of the used graphics card driver. Addtionally in version 2016 you can still disable rendering on the GPU from inside SketchUp by disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration”.

Quadro K620 is entry-level but it should still outperform the old Geforce 620 in my ultrabook that runs SU OK. It should also outperform my older generation QuadroFX 1800. So probably it is just the default Nvidia 3D setting and perhaps a Nvidia driver that should be updated.

probably, just in case…

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