Black Edges & Grey Edges?

Hi Everybody

Can anybody tell me why the ‘Nosing’ in the image below looks different (greyed out) compared to the ‘Z Pressing’. I drew the Nosing in an earlier project and imported it, but as far as I know I haven’t applied any special finish or material to it so I don’t understand why it looks different.

Its as if all its edges are grey which is different to everything else in the model?

The model is attached and the item in question is called ‘Nosing’ in the Outliner.

Thank you as always :grinning:

Smoke Lane.skp (11.1 MB)

Change in Styles > Edit > Color, from ‘by material’ to ‘all same’, and save by click on the icon


Or apply the same material


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Thank you very much, that works :+1:

Do you know why that makes the extrusion look different without any materials being added, as I often use colour by material to show the mesh section lines.

Because the edges have other material (Steel Brushed Stainless) applied to them.

You’re welcome!

Perfect - I didn’t realise I had another material on there?

Thanks again :+1:

Looking at this some more - I didn’t realise I could apply materials to just an edge, but I obviously can - even if it was by mistake.

Applying materials only on the edges or only on the faces

This forum is great and the people on it willing to pass on their knowledge, skills and experience are brilliant. This Forum is actually one of the best things about SketchUp.

Its surprising how much there is to learn about SketchUp - I am currently working my way through the SketchUp Campus and I learn something with almost every lesson - even the fundamentals teach me something.



Hi Kevin for what it’s worth I began with SU Make 2017 about a year ago to knock up basic woodworking cabinets etc. However having seen the stuff produced by the Sages who respond on this forum I got hooked. I worked through campus fundamentals, watched the Square One and Skill Builder videos ( ) and consequently with practice have learned many of the tips and tricks and can now produce models to an intermediate standard with native tools.

Keep at it and it will all become clear(ish). If not the chaps here respond quickly with fantastic advice if you post a query, however I would recommend you search the forum for related topics before doing so.

All the best with SU modelling.

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