Black areas showing up in 2017 Layout viewport



Same issue on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)


I’m having the same issue…New MacBook Pro! I tried the

36 PM|286x148

Unfortunately this didn’t help…with transparant background, turn on the sky and color the sky white


We just got 15" MacBook Pro’s with Radion Pro 560 / 4MB cards and are experiencing the same problem. I can not believe this is still an issue! 9 months since it was first posted? Really?

Is there a fix?

Thanks -



It’s just unbelievable…


Unfortunately we’re still having these issues because Apple continues to release new video card models that have faulty drivers. Luckily these issues appear to have been fixed in the newest version of OS X (High Sierra, which is still in Beta, so don’t switch to it yet).

At the moment we’re stuck playing catch-up because until a card is released, we don’t know whether it will exhibit these issues. We are working on a more robust solution for the long term, stay tuned for more news.



If you are seeing fixed drivers in the latest High Sierra beta that solve Layout issues, does that mean there is a version of Layout that even opens in High Sierra? If there is, do you know if you will release it when Apple release 10.13?

There is a good chance that will be in four days from now.


Looks like High Sierra will drop on September 25th. Stay tuned for possible SketchUp updates.



Ooh, if only there were a beta part of, where people with the right OS could maybe test a fix for you…


Having the same issues. Just bought a Mac Book Pro with Radeon Pro 560 Card