Hello dear Sketchup community,

Since installing sketchup on my new MacBook Pro (which runs Catalina 10.15.7) I have this error message :

"Cannot open “bin_body_Lib6G6.bundle” because Apple cannot verify that it is free of malware.
This software needs to be updated … "

Is anyone know what it is and how to fixe it ?.



.bundle files are binary files used in conjunction with Ruby. Never try to open them.

bin_body_Lib6G6.bundle is used by LibFredo6.

In general, to resolve this issue

  • Open the System Preferences panel
  • Click on Security / Privacy icon
  • you should see the name of the file bin_body_Lib6G6.bundle with an ‘allow anyway’ button


Dear fredo,

Thanks for this info.
Indeed, I have already authorized bin_body_Lib6G6.bundle several times in the System Preferences Panel / Security but it gives me the same message each time Sketchup is restarted …

Does it block the launch of Sketchup?

No, Sketchup launch normally.

Did you already reboot the Mac?

By the way, which version of Sketchup?

The Mac Book Pro is brand new. I’ve done a clean Sketchup 2020 (20.2.171) installation.