Bilingual Text Capability

Well, this is a bit left field… but it would be really great for users who work in bilingual environments to be able to globally or specifically flip notation between two languages… or even better… add a second language translation to existing text… currently I have to copy/paste note by note into Google Translate , a very slow process…

can you not do something like this on windows?

demo in SU but works for any text in any app…

it’s an service I wrote for my mac…



Is this for LayOut? Usually, a translation would disrupt the layout as well.

I have something similar, and you can assign them to the Touch Bar too.

yes, for Layout… I was hoping it might globally parse all the notes and translate in one action… as well as individual selections

thx John, I can copy/paste to and fro from google translate… I was hoping to do the translation within LO

I was juggling with some autotext in the ‘buried’ zip contents which layout files actually are. Replacing auto text with a texteditor goes a lot quicker (find and replace) then nativaly in LayOut.
So instead of inserting all the text in the textbox, insert it in autotext and place the tag holder instead.
Eg. Name it like this
Note_Spanish and its counterpart Note_English

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the issue is it would the need a comprehensive, multi lingual dictionary tailored to architectural terminology…

not impossible, but I doubt we’ll see one unless Trimble decides it create it for their entire portfolio of apps…


I was thinking it might be linked to google translate… any professional group can contribute to the google dictionary