Big models Vector rendering

I have some problem to handle big models in layout.

I find very fast the use of raster rendering to add notes dimension and other symbols, the problem happens when sometines I have to export the job in dwg format (vector rendering required).

An example: convert from raster to rendering a complex layout takes 1 hours, so if I have a couple of views in different pages it takes 2 operation of one hour each

The question is: is there a way to vector render all the views in batch so I can do this operation in the night? In my opinion this could be a big improvent for the layout workflow.

An hour per render? What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using?

Rendering viewports only happens as you switch to the page containing those viewports. There’s no setting for rendering viewports on un-displayed pages.

I wonder if there are things you might do in SketchUp to help speed up the rendering in LayOut. Where are you saving the SKP file? How big is the SKP file? Have you tried simplifying the file by purging unused content? Are you using layers in SketchUp correctly? Perhaps you could turn off layers for entities that aren’t visible in the scene.

Are you creating scenes in SketchUp? Are you making sure the viewports are remaining linked to those scenes in LO? That is, making sure they don’t show as [modified]? This is critical for maintaining the link to the SKP file properly.

What is the graphics card and are the drivers up to date?

Perhaps we could see a sample LO file that shows this rendering issue.

Thank you for the quick reply
The model is a piping layout of a paper mill rebuilding, and it is very big

  • skp file is more than150MB.

The Sketchup version 2017

Thank you for all te suggestion, the points I can work on are:

  • Graphics card (By new pc)
  • Simplify Imported elements, but This project have many supplyers and
    simplify all the models that I receive is also very time consuming.

So the best thing for me is to work in batch to convert all the views
during the night (or when I’m doing another Job), this could be a very good
reason to have the ruby API in layout.

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