Bezier spline make surface strange

(english is not my first language, sorry for bad english…)

i made some 3d model with bezier spline plugin.
while i work that, i deleted surface of bezier spline inner surface.
after that, i made surface by drawing line.

it looks okay, but if i trying to slicing by cura program, it make some error.

i tried to figure out and thought it was a file problem.

as i looked around the modeling, i found that slight difference height problem when make surface on bezier curve using line.


to explain in detail:

  1. make cube.
  2. draw bezier curve by bezier spline.
  3. push model and hole? drilling? it.
  4. recreate surface using line.
  5. occur slightly surface error like screenshot.
  6. i think this also cause problem in cura.

i searched a lot but cannot find how to solve this.
is there any solution except make it again?

Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

pin modeing.skp (188.4 KB)
here is the file

There are internal faces in your model. You can see them with a section cut.

Erase the edges on the bottom and any vertical edges at the sharp corners. It shouldn’t be a problem after that.

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FWIW, you could change your workflow to avoid creating the internal faces in the first place. Start by drawing only the features that would be visible on the bottom face. Then extrude to the height of the lower inner surface before adding the curves that define the rim. Extrude the rim and you’re done.

In a case like this my thought process for that part of the model would be to think about how the printer would print it. The printer will only print the overall shape with the piercings until it gets to the height of the lower inner surface. Only then will it start to add the outer raised area. Do the same in SketchUp.


thanks a lot! i’m beginner at sketchup, so i made it in strange way… thank you for your solution and advice!