Better restore defaults tool

Ok. I was using the tray on the right, and different features kept disappearing. Then I realized that when I closed them with the X instead of the triangle, they went away. But I didn’t see any way to restore them. So, I saw this restore defaults button - I hit that and all of my custom tool bar stuff went away.

Really? Why isn’t there a restore tray option?

This program is not a thing of beauty like someone else told me - it needs tweaking.

Now I have to rebuild my custom tool bar. Sheesh!


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The restore default workspace could still need some love.
Here’s what happened:

Switched to use Windows version.
Happy to have more user-defined options to creat (floating!) toolbars even create or modify your own icons for the tools.
Noticed that when you change the focus to another program, the floating toolbars disappear and won’t come back.
The only way to restore that was to uncheck and check each toolbar in [menu] View > Toolbar > …

I had made 4 floating toolbars, which means a lot of scrolling and clicking…
Hit ‘restore default tools’ accidentally…
No warning…

Back to the Mac for me

There is something wrong with your installation if that is happening. All floaters stay as placed for me.

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It works when switching apps on the same monitor, but fails when switching to an app on another screen.

But the issue is the workings of the restore defaults tool, at least a warning should pop up, or an option to save the current (or export for usage ion another machine)
Affinity calls them Persona’s, Trimble could call them ‘MyPotatoe’

They could be saved with the Trimble ID

I have up to 4 screens and have no issues with toolbars.

I’m also lost, what/where is the Restore Defaults Tool?

D’oh, just realised this is a layout question.

Would be nice to have the same on SketchUp, though. Here, I have changed the User login icon with the pixel editor:

It does sound like mostly a training issue to me. On Windows a small X in the upper corner of a window always closes the window. It’s been like that forever. Restoring defaults in any program would dump custom settings and go back to the default settings.

Now that you’ve been trained, you won’t have these problems.

FWIW, if you click anywhere on an inspector panel’s toolbar except the X, the panel will collapse or expand. It’s the same in SketchUp.

It’s not about dumping custom settings, it is about not getting warned when you hit ‘Restore defaults’ in LayOut, making all your efforts disappear.
So my suggesting is to
1. At least notify the user (like in SketchUp:)

2. Allow users to Save their workspace (and load, offcourse)