Best workflow for preserving common layers, textures, etc

I use the same room set up for pretty much everything, including the same textures, layers, and even some components…

What’s the best way to preserve these, so I don’t need to recreate them with every new drawing?


I would answer but you don’t seem to read answers.

Very sorry. I thought I responded to all of your responses.
Have found them very useful.

Components are the answer. Save them to a local collection for use at a later date.

Create your setup once, and save it as a template.

And you can include common components in your template, as well as a basic repeating model, if that is also common.

I’ve created several components, but they disappear when I begin a new drawing…

Thanks. Will this preserve my components also?
They seem to be MIA when I began a new drawing…


Locating older components from previous jobs is something I’m trying to figure out how to streamline and keep organized…

It depends. If they are in position in your model when you save it as a template, then they will be.

If they are only in the component browser, then you’ll need to drag them into position in the model.