Best Way to Shorten Case Sides, Front and Back

I need to lower the the case and the boards so that the brass pins fit in all the way (1/2"). When shortened the hinge and dovetails need to lower proportionally. I had an after thought to rabbet the boards that house the brass pins into the top and bottom pieces of the case.
I already lowered the boards for the lower brass pins. The rabbets are 1/4" deep. After I fix this, I can continue to work on the scenes.
Chisel Case.skp (338.6 KB)
Another problem will be if I can access the tool holders to place the tools. I might have to make the access from the top instead of from the front.

Move those components that need to be moved and to shorten the sides and back, edit those components, select the features at the top and move them down. Exactly like I showed yesterday with changing the length of the mitered rail. You gave that post a like.

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Chisel Case (1).skp (437.1 KB)

The screen shot answers my second question. I would not be able to put the tools in the case, especially on the back two tool holder panels. The panels don’t swing open without running into the side. The screenshot shows the widest the first tool holder panel can open up. So it’s back to the drawing board. I can change the door to a fixed front and the top to a hinged open up door and see what that looks like.

Make the case wider so you have clearance to swing the first panel out.

Pivot the second tool holder on the right side instead. You’ll need to make the case wider for that one, too. I didn’t do that here. And the back one can be fixed in position.

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Or put them on a rail with a pivot pin so you can pull them to the front and then swing. So many options.


Here it is with the changes, scenes, tags, and all. It is amazing to me that after slicing up the parts to fit on lumber, it takes so much to make it. I can only imagine how heavy it will be when it’s full of chisels, rasps, files, and drivers.
Chisel Case.skp (593.3 KB)