Best Practice Using SketchUp Pro as a Go Between for SolidWorks and VIP3D Pool Studio Help

I know this question has been asked a million times and answered online, but I am looking for your opinions on the best practices to use in order to keep these files all scaled correctly and oriented so that when I export a 3D Model from a Solid Works Part File to Google SketchUp, I can then Open the file in SU Pro, save the SketchUp file to 1:1 scale and properly save as an .obj ,ready to import into their program Pool Studio at the correct elevation that was set in the Part file originally.
I have “made it work” by using many methods, but the scale or the insertion orintation is always off for the end user.
Any Ideas to help me out? I’m going crazy trying to get a consistent sop. Its taking me half a day to do a project that should be done in one hour really? Thanks in Advance

Hello Roxanne,

Many of us do not have experience with your existing workflow. It might be best if you were to upload some screenshots of your workflow and the issues your are seeing. If possible, along with the images, example files will help us to provide you a possible solution.

Curious… you are bringing the SketchUp model into Pool Studio via OBJ. Doesn’t Pool Studio import skp directly?


It seems that they have something called Vip3D. No idea what that is, but it’s the one that can import SketchUp files.

Vip3D is from the makers of Pool Studio. Their SKP importer is what I am referring to and why I am curious to know why she is importing OBJ over SKP.

Hi, and thanks for your reply. I’m not seeing where we can import the skp file. That’s why I have been using the export to obj file. I’m sure I am missing something simple, but it’s driving me crazy. When I try to import a the skp file, VIP give me an error that the file is missing or currupted. Thanks all of you:)

You might try saving your SketchUp model in an older version format. The importer might not understand the newest format.

and don’t use the “File > Open…” function (resp. double-clicking) but a “File > Import…” with selecting the SKP format at least if avail.