Best practice for inserting easily editable window (and trim) in wall?

I’d like to add a movable/editable window to a wall (including trim) …
Any plugins exist for this?
Also, any other tips for best practices for how this model was created?


30 Foot wall.skp (2.2 MB)

flex tools has a good window tool.

The model example doesn’t show best practice for building a wall as the distance between the studs doesnt conform to the sheet width. In imperial measurements studs are usually 16" apart so that 8’x4’ sheets can be attached to the same stud when butted together, except where they terminate at the ends of the wall.

If your wall has just one face, use a component that is set to cut an opening. If your wall has “thickness” you can use a component for each face. You can include the trim in the component.