Best practice for exporting flattened front view shapes for DXF?

I’m trying to export each of this arched shapes to a DXF, for cutting later on a CNC…
Is there a plugin that automatically finds components and exports them as top or front view?
(When I export this model as a 2D object, it exports it with whatever view- usually perspective- I happen to be in).


Separate your components, either move, hide, or turn off other layers so you have the surface / plane required and use parallel projection with top, side, or what ever view is appropriate. If you have issues segregating surfaces, activate hidden geometry, turn the object 90 degrees (top, side, etc) select the required surface by dragging from the right to isolate it, then paste in place outside the group or component. You will then have individual surfaces / planes.

You might want to consider Fabber.

Just subscribed- will give it a month…
It looks like it automates the typical method for flattening 3D objects for 2D exports, as well as creates tool paths for Vectric (which I use)…
As a bonus, it claims to export true arcs and circles.
Thanks for the recommendation.
I’ll try to report back how it works…