Best Plugin for complicated architectural form?

Hello what is the best plugin for creating complicated architectural form like old houses and new organic curve building ? any sugestion ? the most complete plugin of all for those kind of special form … ? thanks :slight_smile:

If you want a single plugin that solves everything you need? Then you have to plugin your brain to the machine!

Now a bit more seriously:

If you are more precise, we could name several for each situation…

There are a couple of plugins I would investigate though:

Viz from Fluid

LSS Arch from Kirill

make me think of Flowify.

I like the idea of Viz, but the site doesn’t show much of the possibilities with this plugin. There are some very basic examples and tutorials but there is no gallery on their website with inspiring projects.
I mean it’s not very expensive (not cheap either), the idea shows a lot of potential, but I am very reluctant (15 days trial is too short, don’t have much spare-time).

Did you try it out for yourself?

I did try it when it was on beta. It has grown much and includes interactive boolean tools.

I couldn’t personally handle the UI nicelly. It’s not the node system as I use it with Substance Designer and love it.

It’s the fact that I don’t find the nodes names intuitive, nor related to sketchup.

However, it’s really powerful in terms of functionality. It is able to pick any geometry from sketchup and deal with it in an impressive way and send the results back to sketchup.

I haven’t done much with it, but I’m sure it will be worth the cost and I’d use it if I was into a more organical aproach to my architectural projects.

As I still think that organical shapes are not yet organical or sustainable in the real sense of the word, I’m finding viz expensive for my needs…

I think it could be much more powerful if other developers were able to make nodes. For example if SubD developer could make nodes and add them to the existing nodes.

Do you use LSS arch for your projects?

No, I don’t use LSS arch, but I also find it very interesting.

Just playing around with the LSS extension and going thru his YT videos… it is very impressive and at $250 seems great bangs for bucks for architects with the Zone tool and Solar Tool “Chronolux” as well as Panorama creator and OSM import capability … all on top of BIM architectural capabilities.

Interface is very professional… surprised I haven’t seem it flagged before ,

“Do yourself a favour” and have a look

PS. seems to have the ability to use different materials for section fills… “Skalp” like

Very clear help instructions provided within the SU Instructor Tray