Best Laptop for just sketch up modeling only(not to render)


I already have a good pc system to model and rendering… Now i want a laptop which is affordable. But I want it to be efficient to do modeling on go… I hope, as rendering is not my requirement, you people can suggest me a best laptop at an affordable price…
THANK you!..



your idea of affordable and someone else’s idea of affordable differ, so I suggest you use a monetary value as indication

explaining what kind of modeling you do (possibly showing some images) will also help since some people do light to average complexity while other people do really heavy / intricate modeling



See the requirements at
I would look for a laptop with a Nvidia-based graphics card. Others tend to have more display problems. These laptops usually have an i5 or i7 processor that is good enough for most models. Today, perhaps, it is to be recommended to have more than the usual 8 GB of memory.

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