Best format to import vehicle in SketchUp

Hi everyone, I need advice here. I’m about to buy and import a 3D model for a vehicle. I did that before but everytimes I’m wondering is there’s a better way to do it. Here’s the link for my prospect purchase. BMW 3D model
They are offering 3DS C4D FBX LWO MAX OBJ for format.

My usual habit is to pick OBJ and I use SKIMP plugin to import it. I know SKIMP can also import FBX and 3DS, but I never try those.

So I’m curious to read what you guys think about that. Which method is the best? Is my method is good enough? Which format make the import process smoother? THX

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Their download includes all formats, so you can try each one. I tried the DXF with the normal SketchUp importer. It’s still trying to import! I tried FBX with Skimp, and got a message saying to contact Skimp support and send the model. OBJ previewed in Skimp quickly, but then took a long time to import. It uses flat shaded colors, the FBX one might look nicer.

I did my tests with this free model:

The DXF one finally imported, and looked as good as the OBJ. The FBX had file name issues, Unity wouldn’t accept it either. After renaming the file it imported into Unity and Skimp. It seems to have no textures.

Interesting. Thx Colin