Best Extension/Plug-In for Piping?



My husband and I do a lot of work in the food and beverage industry and would like to utilize SU for the many projects we are involved with. I’m a newbie but learning quickly as I assist with a break room/locker room renovation. My husband wants to learn SU so that he can draw out changes being made to production lines/carbon towers/CIP tanks/etc.

Are there any “must-have” extensions or plug-ins that would assist in his plant drawings and piping? If so, please share any recommendations regardless of cost.

Working with SU 2016 Pro on a Mac.

Here are screenshots of what I’ve managed to learn and create in just 15 days!
Thanks in advance!



Check this Pipe-lovers listing.


Thanks so much! I’ve been researching other sites for anything related to SU but hadn’t come across that one yet. So much to check out there. I appreciate the direction!