Best equipment for drawing in Sketchup

Whats the best equipment for drawing in sketchup such as monitor, how many monitors, mouse, computer desktop or laptop,etc.

That’ll vary from user to user. I have a 27 in. display on my Windows desktop machine which has been fine. I like a standard Logitech 3-button mouse. I keep all of my SketchUp stuff on the single display and use the second display (a Wacom Cintiq) for references, or other stuff while modeling. Others lke to string out the SketchUp windows across multiple displays. And many people seem to like the 3D mouse products from 3D Connexion. I’ve tried those but never got on with them and I use SketchUp on several different computers–some not my own–and the 3-button mouse is ubiquitous. 3D mice aren’t.


Try to get a monitor with good resolution, in my experience for a 24” monitor a full HD resolution is ok, but if you go bigger 2K is better, I had a 32” full HD but the resolution wasn’t the best, the pixels were noticeable and small things or text was hard to see. If you spend several hours modeling a good ergonomic mouse is a must, I have the MX Master 3 from Logitech, it’s ergonomic and very precise, it also has extra buttons and gestures that can be used as keyboard shortcuts, it makes a lot faster the modeling, the 3D mouse is also a good device, it takes a bit of time to get used to it but once you do it, its also great tool.

same, a pair of samsung screens though, a 27 and a 23, both on the mac mini.
If I have to work on the PC, it’s either the 17" screen or I add the 27.
So yeah, big screens, but not too big, I’ve seen people use a super wide 40+ screen, it was a bit overkill imo. I prefer a pair of decent smaller ones. During remote classes, I sometimes add a portable 16" screen on the side, so I can watch twitchconsult important documents
MX master 2 mouse, MX keyboard. When I’m on the PC, it’s a 9€ wireless mouse (I’ve lost / broken too many while travelling to buy better stuff)

but to be honest, I’ve worked with various types or mouses and keyboards over the years, the main idea is


that’s it. Some people will tell you 3d mouse, other will swear by their trackpads, some people will prefer a mechanical keyboard, other a super flat one, short with no numpad, or extended, gamer mice with 12 buttons or a simple 10€ cheap mouse.

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