Best Drone on the Market



Just wondering if anyone has experience with flying drones and linking the video footage with video of your 3d models? I am going to be getting my company a drone to start flying current and completed projects. Just wondering what is the best drone on the market (best quality user ability, video quality, and of course competitive price). I am not looking to spend 5 grand but of course more than 500. I want to start bringing in the drone video surroundings to my models. Especially for the aerial shots. Any input would be great. I am sorry if this is not directly SketchUp related.

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If you’re not familiar with this stuff already… then buy one you can afford to lose, or crash, or both.

There aren’t too many success stories to be found in the realm of drone longevity and their first time users.


Thank you very much for the insight. I will take that in mind. I know that I am looking into the phantom. I might see if they have a similar model that is much much cheaper to test out and get the hang of before buying the expensive one.