Bently IFC Removing Components to reduce file size

Hi on importing bently ifc files i find i have to explode 3 times then generally get to groups
these groups are full of 1 time components for same object type
to explode takes forever also the directory is full of unused components
is there a better way or a cleaner way to bring files in

You could try bringing it in via Trimble Connect, but I doubt if it would help. Everything becoming unique components is a common occurrence with BIM applications (I have seen this with Revit too). I am not well enough versed with the IFC format to say if this comes from the way IFC handles instancing.


Do you know if you can delete the component in the explorer but leave them in model

No. The In Model view in the component browser shows all component definitions in your model. You are not allowed to purge components that have instances inserted into your model. Before you can remove the definitions you have to delete or explode the instances in your model.

I think I’ll look at blender
It’s a bit beyond me but it seems to be a wonderful bit of software
It handles car models etc well that sketchup cant and I think there is an ifc plug in