Bending text in 3D?

Does anyone know how to bend text in SketchUp? The goal is to take a word and bend it into a ring, so the first letter meets the last letter of the word…creating a ring shape.

You make each letter of the word its own component and rotate it around the centre of the ring.

Start with 3d text, edit the text so the letters are connected and use Shape Bender to make the ring.

thanks, what does the shape bender tool icon look like? /newbie

It’s an extension from the Extension Warehouse.

ah, thank you!

What kind of “text” are you referring to; 3D Text or an image of text?

CLF Shape Bender by Chris Fullmer will bend 3D Text

See this topic for wrapping an image of text around a circle…

3D text

Some details about ShapeBender…

Thanks! Very helpful!