Bending or folding a panel with outside radius

See attachment
how to bend with a radius outside.
honeycoumbpanel.skp (25.6 KB)

I’d use Fredo’s radial bend.

this likes pro? I did something with follow me.
honeycoumbpanel.skp (32.6 KB)

It doesn’t require SketchUp Pro if that’s what you mean. It works in Make just as well.

If you’re only going to make a panel with no surface detail, I would just draw the end of it and extrude it and move on.

I thought, based on the name of the file, you are actually planning to bend a honeycomb panel.

Those materials can’t bend like this way., you have to cutaway material, 16 mm and half thickness for 90 degr., crush the remaining honeycoumb and add epoxy resin.
So you get a sharp corner inside. With follow me it works but is time consuming.

Why wouldn’t you upload the actual model you are working on? I give up.

I never give up this project.

This are old cabinfloorpanels from aircrafts. Strong and weather resistant.
As garden hydro culture flowerpan in the wheelbarrow.

SUIcomu.skp (2.6 MB)

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