Beginners question - Cannot intersect objects

Hey there,

I’m totally new to SketchUp. Today, I created a balloon. Now that its done, I want to join all objects to one mesh using the intersect tool. If I select everything and intersect them with model, SketchUp crashes. It seems like the object is bugged or something. I would love to go into detail, but as I said, I’m just getting started with SketchUp. I uploaded the file on dropbox, because its is too big for the forums (4.44MB).

Looking forward answers!

You have created a lot of (unwanted?) geometry inside the balloon:

I would suggest to model one part of the balloon and use an array copy of that component (quick example with TIGs Extrude tools): (75.9 KB)

Hey there!

The parts are not unwanted at all. I created one egg-like sphere and used path copy on a circle to get a sphere on every segment of the circle. Using path copy to copy just the visible object is not possible, because of the rotation (all the copied parts would face into one direction).

The example you made seems quite promising, unfortunetaly I don’t now how to get the array copy to work. I installed TIGs ExtrudeTools, but even looking into the documentation does not tell me how to do that. Probably it’s because I’m blind, maybe its because I’m (obviously) not a native english speaker and long documentations may result in less concentration :smile:

So how can I do the “array copy” ?


(Array copy is a native SketchUp functionality and not part of the plugin)

I guess I can die in peace now! :smiley: Thank you so much!

One last question: In your example, how did you manage to make the second object with the faces out of the first object which is just four lines?


That’s the part with TIGs plugin…

Another way with Fredos Curviloft plugin…