Beginner soft landscaping in sketchup


Im preparing to place my model into its immediate context. Is there a simple straight forward way of modelling soft landscaping? Passeable trees and grass and undulations and contours etc

Is there a way as straight forward as pushing and pulling and then adjusting undulations and somehow adding grass? Or is that a texture only option?

Is this possible within Sketchup as I have it now or will I need to add plugins etc?

The building is situated on the side of a hill with a steep slope down the front garden and at the back of the building sloping further down.

What is the Google maps/Earth option? Will it be able to give me contours?

Thanks in advance people


As a beginner level, exploring with Sandbox tool should to some landscaping modification

You can carry in Google maps terrain by geolocation

I think it is not as simple as “straight forward” but, its a good place to start for a beginner.

As I personally do not do much of landscaping, im sure some other people have better idea.


Thanks for the links. Trying to work my head around the tools right now