Beginner 2d to 3d can't find error

Hello, my name is richard and i m an absolute beginner. i use sketchup web free to make some japanese diy kitchen knive patterns. i started to dray them in 2d and then i pulled it into 3d with the push/pull function. so far so good.with the 3rd model, a santoku i am having the problem that it doesn’t get filled out white as the other ones and therefore im not able to pull it into the 3rd dimension. i thought there must be an open space that it didn’t get filled. i zoomed in but didnt find any open endings.
can someone tell me what i did wrong ?
here is the file:

Santoku ohne schliff.stl (84 Bytes)

Share the .skp file instead of the .stl file so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled.

here the skp file
Santoku ohne schliff.skp (183.6 KB)

So there’s no face to extrude in this model because the profile isn’t flat. All of the points should have the same Z-value. Notice the one at the lower right here does not.

For something like this you would find it easier to start with a large rectangle to outline the pattern on. Then erase everything outside the pattern leaving the face to extrude.

For something with the sort of dimensions you’re working with, you would probably find it easier to work in millimeters and with Length Snapping turned off. You can make the changes in Model Info.

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thank you verry much ! you saved my live !!

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