Beg-Intermediate Models a Baby Nursery | SketchUp Livestream

This time on SketchUp Live, the co-host becomes the host! Matt will fill the role of beginner/intermediate modeler with Tyson’s sage advice to guide him.

Our session’s subject is a baby’s nursery. Matt’s baby’s nursery, in fact!

Tune in to learn expert tips, common mistakes, and better ways to model things in SketchUp.

Watch live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


I checked, and Tyson is not a Sage. Me or DaveR could help.

Ok, just kidding… (mostly)


I understand protecting your title… but how did you call attention to that and not Tysons outfit??


well, brown suit, blue shirt… if the suit has elbow patches it’s extra credits for the professor cosplay :slight_smile:
a pair of glasses and a pipe might help. or a british accent.


I have several old jackets that would benefit from elbow patches…

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What text would be appropriate to see printed on his T-shirt? Let’s say he could be convinced to wearing one.