Been some time, versions plugins?


Been some time since I used SketchUp last time.
I have v15.3 running here on my win 8.1

Should I be updating, to what?

Plugins. Are they compatible mostly with my version?

  • Select all dimensions > hide
  • Cutlist
    and I’m sure some more.


I no longer support SU2015 with most of my new plugins as it is quite old. Some of the plugins just happen to support it, and even older versions, but many rely on new features in SketchUp.

I’d recommend to update to version 18 which has some quite nice new features such as filled section cuts and better API for extensions.

I’m just a little confused about free/pro/web-versions.
Any 2018 free desktop-version?

Is it sketchUp Make 2017?

No, unless you use Pro you have to stay to SU 2017 (or the web version but it is more of a toy)

So SketchUp make 2017 works fine?

Not less free features than v15?

Nothing has been removed but quote a few things have been added.

Here are the download links:

Thanks a lot!

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