Bean Shaped Body


I am trying to build an 3D printed animatronic dragon and I need to design the body. so I was wondering how to make a bean shaped body which I will use as the body of the dragon. but It needs to be hollow inside so I can add the electronics and it need to split up into several pieces so I can print the pieces and put them together for a life sized body.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by bean shape, you can have a simple flat sided thing or a fully curved structure. It can be anything you want you just need to model it, and separate it into the parts you want. It’s very hard for us to guess what is in your mind.
The straight one here has been made basically with pushpull, follow me and scale.
The rounded one is just follow me.

By the way, how big is a life size dragon, I’ve not managed to measure one myself?


I needed to test a spool of ABS that had been moisture exposed, so what better than throwing this into the printer. You can see how the tabs fit the two sections together, and it works even though it is smaller than my mouse.


This is perfect. I like the flat one much better. The dimensions will be
Length: 60cm
Width: 40cm
Hieght: 20cm
Thickness: 4cm

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, you seem to think I’m going to model it for you, that’s not going to happen. I wanted you to show us your design so we could help you model it.
Giving us the measurements isn’t specifically relevant. But I’ll give you a starting place.
Create the shape you want, pull it for thickness, offset it for the walls and pull them…add holes for the legs and neck etc

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Think about what you need and build those things in.
With holes

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Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. Now that I know how to build the basic design using your tutorial I can add texture, designs, and all that fun stuff.