BCF files ic combination with Sketchup

Does anyone has any experience with BCF in combination woth Sketchup? Are the any known plugins or developments in that area?

I don’t know, but I wonder if Trimble Connect can (or is planning to) use these “collaboration” files ?

ADD: I think that this is more of a presentation format than a modeling or working format. In other words I don’t think it much will “fit” into SketchUp. Perhaps it can be a better fit as an import to LayOut ?

BCF files can be imported into Trimble Connect.
Once imported, these “ToDos” can be viewed using the Collaboration Manager feature from the Trimble Connect Toolbar, provided the SketchUp project is linked to the Trimble Connect project.

A BCF file is a zip containing one folder for each topic. The root of the BCF zip contains serveral .XML files. Basically the structure consists of:

  • One or more views in .PNG format.
  • Coordinates and direction of the view in the 3D model.
  • Comments related to entities etc.

The issues and comments about objects are linked to these objects with unique GUIDs.

More information about BCF can be found at:


Okay then, being a ZIP archive file, extensions could access the information using the RubyZip library gem.

Update, more integration:


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