Bathtub Design | V-Ray for Sketchup

Bathroom design and render;
#VRay Next for #SketchUp > VFB (without photoshop)

Quick tip #1: The background image has an emissive layer with the same image, value = +1.5 that results in a bright white illuminated plane.

Quick tip #2: I tried to be as coherent as possible on the color palette so I could achieve a visually holistic image.

Quick tip #3: Tell a story. Create a situation. Arouse interest.

I’d love to hear your feedback!


Very cool

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Not much actually I am an architect, so I just figure out what I want to see in front of the center of the image and it was the bathtub and everything was just unfolded naturally and that’s it basically

Nice design focused around the bathtub, all with nice colors.
Is the tab still running?

Yes, and water are simulated purring on the floor.