Batch Exports of 2D Graphics from Scenes

I export a lot of 2D graphics as jpeg files for emailing to customers and as images for my website.

The protocol I currently use is to generate SCENES then export them one x one to Dropbox. Sometimes there can be 12 to 24 scenes that need to go thru this process. It can be tedious.

Is there a script or a plug in that could make this happen automatically?

One option that might be of interest without plugins.

Provided you have the checkbox “include in animation” checked in the scenes window for the scenes you wish to export. You can go to FILE>EXPORT>ANIMATION>IMAGE SET. You have several file types to choose to save the scenes as, including JPEG.


You can use Curic Scene Manager
Just select the scenes to export then Export 2D

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If you are not using scenes for anything else, you can use FredoPortrait::Screenshot.

It allows

  • to select a portion of the viewport (or the full viewport), memorizing the camera, and optionally styles, shadow settings and layer visibility. You can force an aspect ratio optionally.
  • to specify one or several sets of dimensions for the images. These dimensions will be respected whatever is the current size of your viewport and your screen resolution.
  • to specify one or several image formats (i.e PNG, JPG, …)
  • to specify where you wish to export the image files
  • you can then generate images for several screenshots in one click.

Here is a quick video showing the main features.

and another one, longer, with comments


Thanks Ian. I tried the protocol you recommended for exporting as a IMAGE SET. It did exactly what I was asking for.

Voquochai, I downloaded Curic Scene Manager couldn’t get it to open. I was able to find it in my downloads folder but couldn’t get it to show up as an available tool in SK2017.

Fredo6: That is the most amazing (and intuitive) software I have ever seen for image manipulation.
I watched both of your YouTube videos on it. You are very good at explaining how your software works. I have another project for you but will post it in another thread.