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I have drawn a garden bed I want to build and would like to know if there is a simple way to centre the ‘braces’ along the length of the bed without measuring ?
I tried drawing a centre line across the top of the brace and the edge of the bed so I could align the marks (same as what I would do in person) but the line on the brace stayed where it was instead of moving with the brace ( I had drawn both the centre line on the brace and the centre line across the top of the bed separately but maybe I got them joined up? )
garden bed.skp (31.2 KB)

Hi Geoff. Long time.

So to answer your question, yes there is an easy way. Use inferencing. Grab the post by the midpoint of the top edge and start moving it in the Red direction. Lock the direction by holding Shift. Then “feel” along the edge of the top plank until you get the cyan dot indicating you’re at the midpoint.


HI Dave
yes it has been a while, I had returned to driving but as of 6 weeks ago I’m back to a normal day job.
Thanks for showing me the inferencing, I was going crazy for a little while trying how you do it but I got the hang of it finally. I used the tape measure to double check and the crazy thing was never centred, then I realised that the design of the bed doesn’t have the long board centred,so I have used the line tool to mark the centre of the bed and then used inferencing on the post to align it to the line.
thanks again for your help

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