Basic Questions - Looking for Assistance with Scout Project

I’m trying to help my son with his scout project, need to render a simple loft (12’8"x12’4", 8’ high, platform of 4x8 3/4 plywood sheets, supported by 2x6’s spaced at 16").
Just using the free online version, see that Extensions are available for dimensional lumber, but looks like you need local version to make use of extensions, is this correct?

Just need it for this one project, any help would be appreciated.

Yes, the online version doesn’t have the ability to use extensions. Still, there’s no reason you can’t just get on with drawing up the parts without the extension you refer to.

Maybe you mean 3D Warehouse, instead of Extension Warehouse? Search 3D Warehouse for lumber and you’ll find some, though as @DaveR suggests, drawing your own lumber isn’t terribly hard.

Here’s a rough version of one way to do what you describe, although the 16" needs a bit of a recalculation to fit correctly.
I copied these at 16" but you could move the last one into place and divide by the number you want which will place them at the correct 16" centers.

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