Basic "modify" command for single entity or groups

Think I sent a file. Still can’t create a circle, square, pulled as a cylinder etc, or any shape and have it be a solid??

I haven’t seen a post containing your newest version of the file.

You must make it a group or component before it will be seen as a solid.

Does this file work?

I tried going through Trimble Connect. Created a file but can’t seem to manipulate it. Don’t know where it went. Also tried to find a SKP file download through the Extension Warehouse. No luck there also.

bench assm 2.skp (69 KB)

Yes. It works.

I don’t understand what you were trying to do with Trimble Connect or the Extension Warehouse. The Extension Warehouse is specifically for extensions, not SketchUp model files.

The reason your cylinder isn’t showing a solid group is because you didn’t include the ends of it in the selection prior to making the group. When you move a copy of it away from the original, you can see that it is missing the ends.

The cylinder doesn’t extend down through the top surface so even once it is a solid, it isn’t long enough to cut any holes in the table.

Did you read the PM I sent you yesterday?


I understand setting a share computers thing. I had a MAJOR computer breach (scam) last month and had to change all bank related accounts so I’m a bit reluctant to try that ever again. No reflection on you. Please don’t take that the wrong way. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me . And your patience.

I’ll try closing the cylinder .

I was only intended to allow you to see my screen but never mind.

Keep plugging away. You’ll get it.

Now that I’ve made so many of my blocks components or groups and tried to remake them, there’re still not solids. How do you delete the component/group designation.

Logging off soon. Getting close to the cocktail hour.

Actually I’d appreciate the instruction on how to cut holes.

I’m also getting in trouble creating too many groups and components. First something’s a solid, then it’s not, create another component of it, on and on. I can’t find a way to delete it’s being a component without deleting the thing.

I was trying another method (would use in ProE) Where you would create each component in a separate file then assemble into an assembly drawing (file). But can’t seem to find a way to import the individual “pieces”.

Gave up on making holes, or trying to build an assembly. I need to start cutting some wood.

If you can address these issues I’m having with a demo that would be great. Probably need to set up a time and show me how to observer your screen.

Next week during the afternoons (central time) works for me.

Thanks for all your help. I’m going over all the online help and cruising the online “manual” but they don’t seem to address my issues directly, or at my novice level with SU.


I sent another PM.


Pick a and time and we’ll see if we can make it work.

PM is a private message. If you click your icon in the upper right of the screen, then the envelope, you can communicate privately with @DaveR

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Yeah, why not AM? :slight_smile:

Monday at 10:30am?

I’m retired from the getting up early….

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I’m only kidding. Try communicating with Dave using PM (Private Messages). Like email.

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