Basecamp Schedule Re-Styling

Hi All

I found the schedule for the Basecamp quite hard to use. It is just too narrow to get an overview of what is going on on the same time (using Grid view). The very dark background wasn’t helping much either (but yeah, it looks good I suppose…).

Trying to overcome the narrow width and unused screen space I noticed the schedule is displayed in an iframe and can be displayed alone using this direct link: 3D Basecamp 2018: Grid

Once there you can use your browsers developer tools to change the width of the schedule. Open the developer tools (F12), search for the element by the ID “sched-body” and set its max-width to “100vw”. Voilà, now it is much easier to see what sessions there are to chose from.

Here’s a video showing how to get to the second image in Firefox, starting at 3D Basecamp 2018: Grid

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Bookmarked! I’ll try this after work.

I wasn’t able to figure out the Chrome equivalent, but I did notice the “Expand” button at the very top of the time column on the left. Click that and you get narrower events - expand your browser window enough and you won’t need to scroll left/right for Bootcamp (Mon, Tue), and a lot less for Basecamp (Wed-Fri).

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Totally missed that button :open_mouth: . I have no idea why there is even an option to have such a narrow view where you can’t see anything.