Basecamp keynote Opening

@TheOnlyAaron doing a great job welcoming Basecamp attendees.


Woah! He’s taller than I was expecting!


Thanks for sharing

I’ve heard this several times, maybe you need a full size webcam for YouTube recordings?

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Ha! I guess people see you as an inch tall in the corner of their screen often enough, they start to believe that is how big you are in real life? Maybe all SketchUp users need 6’ 2” tall monitors?


Great, but did anyone record a video of the actual keynote? Or, for that matter, does anyone have video of any of the other events? I’m sure some of us who couldn’t attend would be interested! Thanks …

They didn’t record any of the regular presentations, but I did see cameras at the big events in the main hall like this one. I’m not an insider and don’t know what will become of any such video.

The whole event was remarkable as usual. I can’t stress enough that everyone interested in Basecamp for all sorts of uses should attend. It is so fun to see how so many use this software in so many different ways!


Couldn’t be more accurate! :slight_smile: