Baffeled by TAPE MEASURE

SU 17, HP Pavilion, win 10

I viewed many videos … TAPE MEASURE still does NOT SHOW anywhere
I am trying to place a guide-point…up vertically, from the top end of the Arc …CVT#5-X-Ratio chnge.skp (302.9 KB)

Like this? No idea why it doesn’t work for you.

You’ve drawn a guide line parallel to the last arc of the circle which is 7.5° off the level. I’m guessing that you wanted a level line parallel to the green-red x-y plane? I’ve shown you 3 different things which you might have meant:

  1. Click on green axis, hold press ↑ to lock blue/z direction then click on arc to draw horizontal line touching end of arc.

  2. To draw a vertical line, click on blue axis, then press ← to lock green direction, then click the arc end point.

  3. To measure vertically up from arc end, click on arc end, press ↑ then type distance up or click again where you want it.

Thank you!
Works; after reshuffling of view. ?

Is that a question or a statement?

If it was a question, then no you don’t need to move the view. You can draw a vertical line up from the end of the arc as soon as your file loads, even though it is a bit too zoomed in for me.

Ah yes, classic Gripwin.

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